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Revised Enforcement Policy and Schedule of Fines

The Association's Board of Directors listened to homeowner feedback and made some changes to the previously shared draft enforcement policy. They then consulted again with the Association's general counsel to revise the Association's Enforcement Policy and Schedule of Fines ("Fine Policy"). Linked here is a copy of the proposed Fine Policy.  The Board intends to adopt the Fine Policy at a Board meeting on September 4, 2024 at 6:00 p.m., at 2266 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583.  


The purpose and effect of the Fine Policy is to streamline the enforcement process and provide the Board with clearer and better options to levy fines or impose other discipline when there are violations of the Association’s Governing Documents.  


All members are encouraged to provide comments concerning the proposed Fine Policy and attend the Board meeting. Comments regarding the proposed Fine Policy may be submitted to the Community Manager, Stacey Lint, at by August 27, 2024 or at the Board meeting.  The Board will consider all member comments provided by the deadline before voting on adoption of the Fine Policy.  


E-Scooters and E-Bikes - The Talk of the Town!

The Danville Town Council, Danville Police Department, San Ramon Valley School Distrit and Magee Ranch have been abuzz with talk about motorized scooters and bikes, colloquially called e-scooters and e-bikes. At the June 18th Town Council Meeting, Police Chief Shields presented his quarterly report to the Town Council on policing activities in the Town. In it he submitted a detailed breakdown of the different types of e-bikes and rules that apply to each. These distinctions are important and excerpted below, but we encourage homeowners to review the DPD Report linked below, also shared in video and infographic form.  


Please see the below links for a wealth of information!

Link: Danville Police Department Quarterly Report on Town Issues and Crime.

Link: Chief Shields addresses rules regarding e-scooters and e-bikes.

Link: SRVUSD infographic on specific rules for different classes of e-scooters and e-bikes.


This feels like an apt time to also discuss the street use of golf carts in Magee Ranch which are seen on occassion heading to and from neighbors houses and Blackhawk Country Club. According to Vehicle Code sections 345, 21115, 21115,1 and 21716, in order to use golf carts on roads, they must be Registered with the DMV, carry no more than 2 persons, including the driver, have at least three wheels in contact with the ground, and more. Such vehicles are intended to be restricted to 15 mph. We urge drivers to be conscious of their surroundings and practice safe and defensive driving habits for their own safety and that of those around them.


Gingrich Horticulture Discusses Vole Activity

A homeowner shared with us communication recieved from Gingrich Horticulture regarding treatment for Voles in backyards. As many homeowners have noted, we are seeing massive increases in pest activity this year - voles, rodents, ground squirrels, and moles have all been reported with frequency over the last few weeks.


"So we wanted to pass along some signs to look out for so that you can identify what is on your property and also explain a bit more about pest control services!

Voles, like gophers, are herbivores so they are going after plant material on our properties. They will often take over old gopher/mole tunnel systems but instead of leaving pushed up mounds of dirt they will leave small open holes that are flush to the ground like this:

You will also typically see trails or patches of dead grass near these holes in the lawn. While it's not common you will sometimes see them running along the ground as well. They look similar to mice but with shorter tails.

Unfortunately these critters tend to live in groups so we have found that trapping is not an effective means of control so the only service we offer is a baiting service (meaning that poison is used). We offer this service as part of our ongoing Gopher, Mole, and Vole Control program but if you are not on that we also offer it as a one time service.

During this service we will place the bait very carefully in any active vole holes. As the voles consume the bait they will begin to feel unwell and pass away within their underground tunnels and nests. 

The bait we use for this service is called Wilco Zinc Phosphide. It is deactivated by water so we ask that you not water* the treated areas for 3 days to allow the voles to have enough time to consume the bait. We also recommend keeping any pets away from the treated area or on a leash while the bait is active as some pets can be attracted to the bait.

*We understand that we are having a hot summer as well but we recommend leaving your water off in the treated areas for as along as you are able to but we can always come back and re-treat if you need to water sooner than the 3 day window. If you are on program we can do this as many times as needed while the one time service is guaranteed for 2 weeks from the initial treatment date."


GHAD Board Members Needed

The Magee Ranch GHAD is looking to hold formal elections in line with this years election cycle as administrated by the County Registrar of Voters. The GHAD Board will have 5 open seats and is looking for Magee Ranch homeowners who are interested in volunteering time to help manage and make decisions for the GHAD.


The GHAD has hired ENGEO as GHAD Manager. ENGEO manages more than 15 GHADs throughout the state of California, so the Board will be guided by an expert in the field and be able to follow the recommendations of an industry leader when determining the best course of action for Magee Ranch. 


During the first term on the GHAD Board, the Board members will be responsible for appointing a treasurer to manage funds for the GHAD and a Clerk to manage minutes, meetings, and records of the GHAD. GHAD Board responsibility will also include making decisions about annual hillside monitoring, needed maintenance to retention basins, storm drains, rock walls, and other hillside assets, and hillside inspection during heavy rainfall events. All this will be done with the guidance of ENGEO to determine what is typical, necessary, or optional.


No direct experience is needed, but is certainly a benefit. Please reach out to Management if you're interested in joining or learning more. 





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